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Tinos Island

Welcome to Tinos…

The third largest island in the Cyclades, known to all for the sacred Church of Panagia Megalochari.

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Has 114 km of coastline with numerous beaches with sand, rocks, pebbles, organized or remote that will satisfy all needs and tastes.

It is the birthplace of great artists of marble and paint: Gizis – Chalepas – Fillipotis – Vidalis – Vitalis – Sohos etc
Rich in history, natural beauty and great folk art with dovecotes, chapels, fountains, windmills, woodcarving, Woven basketry etc.

Has got 46 villages, some of which are medieval, with folk architecture, cobbled streets, archeology, medieval and Byzantine monuments, and several museums

Culinary destination with local products and flavors that will surprise lovers of good and quality food.
Ideal for alternative tourism: hiking, climbing, bouldering, biking, nature worship, photography and water sports such as diving, surf (wind & kite) etc.

With so many events and festivals in almost all villages and all year round such as the artichoke, honey, raki and capers festivals, the revival of the trawl,the summer festival of the Municipality of Tinos with nights full of music theater and poetry, exhibitions of painting and photography, the Tinos Jazz and world music festivals hosted by the Cultural Foundation of Tinos etc

1 hour and 30 minutes cruisers, almost four hours with passenger / car ferries from the port of Rafina,
3 hours and 15 minutes cruisers and 4 hours and 30 minutes by ferry to the port of Piraeus
15 minutes from the island of Mykonos
30 minutes from the island of Syros.

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