Voreades Studios in Tinos Island, Town


Voreades (Mythology): Calais and Zitis, the two sons of Vorea, god of The Wind.
Voreades (Modern season): Maro and her son, Kosmas are your hosts in a lodging of twelve rooms-apartments in the town of Tinos island.

We are open all year long. For maintenance reasons some days during the winter we cannot accept visitors.

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Like all the Boutique Hotels around the world, Voreades is a lodging made with influences from the local architecture with particular accent in the aesthetics of spaces, designed and decorated by the owner’s personal touch so that the visitor feels that he is accommodated in a familiar house.

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In a beautiful breakfast “salon” with view to the main port of Tinos and the island of Syros, there is a coffee snack bar where our guests can enjoy breakfast buffet that includes homemade marmalades and during the evening hours coffee & refreshment, homemade “teaspoon” sweets or light food and drink.

Tinos Island

We are ideally located in a quiet street just 100 meters from the main port, 40 meters from the main bus station and 320 meters from the center of Tinos Town (Chora) from where the two main roads that lead to the The Church of Panagia Megalochari, start. On the way to the center, one will walk from the street market of local products, supermarkets, cafes, taverns and the alley with the bars.


We stayed home, we stayed strong, we stayed healthy! With a sense of responsibility, we follow all the protocols of the Joint Ministerial Decision,
we are constantly informed by the official bodies, and  we are constantly informed by the official bodies, and as always, we do everything to provide you with a healthy environment
for your precious vacation in our beautiful Tinos. Under "the masks", the same smiling faces are always ready to help you with anything you need. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.
We are waiting for you!

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